Player Assessment

Professional Consultation for Student Athletes and Parents.

During this 30 minute call, I will provide an assessment of collegiate projections as well as give you an outline of what is needed to drastically increase recruiting opportunities.

This professional coaching evaluation is designed to:

1) advise student athlete and parents,

2) provide video and skills evaluation,

3) provide a written assessment with projections,

4) provide recommendations and referrals to resources to enhance player performance: such as individualized lessons (ie. hitting, pitching ), strength training, skills video production, showcases and camps you should attend.


Professional Recruiting Video Assessment

Having trouble getting your highlights video just right?

A good recruiting video can could mean the difference between getting recruited and not getting recruited.  Get a professional assessment highlight or skills video and recommendations for improvement starting at $9.95. Submitted highlight video will be reviewed and you will receive a video assessment analysis with recommendations for improvements.

Scholarship Protection Program

Protect your student athletes scholarship and financial aid award with our protection plan.

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