Recruiting Communication Ebook




Communication between prospective student-athletes and college coaches is perhaps the most essential element of recruiting. Without it, absolutely no athlete can get recruited. For this reason alone, every athlete should know how to properly communicate, but also what information to communicate to college coaches.

My goal in this ebook is to provide student-athletes valuable tips to use for effective communication to college coaches for recruiting purposes. The objective of this ebook is to outline the essential information that should be included in an email to a college coach.

Emails to college coaches is perhaps the most convenient and effective form of initial form of recruiting communication. The email allows prospective student athletes the opportunity to share a large amount of information in a neatly packaged transmission. While the email can provide insight into the athletic ability of the student athlete it also provides the coach with clear insight into the academic and communication skills of the prospective student athlete. Without a doubt, a properly organized email is the surest way to peak the curiosity of college coaches and point them in your direction during the recruiting process.


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