Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting Your privacy. Insurance involves the use and disclosure of Your personal data to various insurance participants such as intermediaries, insurers and reinsurers. If You would like to know how We deal with any personal data You have provided Us, please contact Your agent or Master Policy Administrator who will provide You with Our contact details. Alternatively, please visit Our privacy page at:

Return Policy

Cancelling this insurance

You can cancel this insurance at any time by writing to Your Master Policy Administrator.

We can cancel this insurance by giving You thirty (30) days' notice in writing.  We will only do this for a valid reason (examples of valid reasons are as follows):

• non payment of premium;

• a change in risk occurring which means that We can no longer provide You with insurance cover;

• non-cooperation or failure to supply any information or documentation We request; or

• threatening or abusive behaviour or the use of threatening or abusive language.

Refund of premium

This insurance has a cooling off period of fourteen (14) days from either:

• the date You receive this insurance documentation; or

• the start of the Period Of Insurance

whichever is the later.

If You cancel this insurance within the cooling off period then, provided You have not made a claim, We will refund  any premium You have paid minus $50 administrative fee.

If this insurance is cancelled outside the cooling off period then, provided You have not made a claim, You will be entitled to a refund of any premium paid, subject to a deduction for any time for which You have been covered. This will be calculated on a proportional basis. For example, if You have been covered for six (6) months, the deduction for the time You have been covered will be half the annual premium.  

If We pay any claim, in whole or in part, then no refund of premium will be allowed.