Athletic & Academic Financial Awards Protection Program


Offered exclusively through PrepStar. The nation’s most respected scouting and recruiting company since 1981. Producer of recognized recruiting resource PrepStar magazine.

PrepStar arranged for insurance coverage to protect your scholarship. It is unique coverage and sets PrepStar above others.

This program is designed to assist with scholarship money in case the student athlete loses their scholarships due to injury or illness.

PrepStar will also offers transfer assistance while in college.


WHAT SPORTS CAN BE COVERED? Student-athletes competing in any collegiate sport are eligible for the PrepStar Athletic & Financial Award Protection Program.

WHAT IS COVERED? If an injury or illness results in the loss of scholarship or financial aid package to the student athlete, this protection program pays the amount the financial aid package was going to pay if the injury or illness had not occurred. Subject to terms and conditions of the policy.

DOES THE STUDENT-ATHLETE GET PAID THE SCHOLARSHIP MONEY? The insurer will pay up to the covered amount directly to the college.

WHEN DOES COVERAGE BEGIN? The scholarship and financial aid protection coverage begins immediately. So, early commits can get coverage while in high school, before starting the college season. Coverage is renewed yearly.

SCENARIO- Johnny signs his NLI to play football. His scholarship and financial aid package promise is $40,000 per year. Sadly, Johnny gets hurt his freshman season during the policy term and is no longer able to play football. Smartly, Johnny’s parents had enrolled him in the Prepstar Athletic & Financial Award Protection Program. Now, Johnny can finish his education because the program will pay $40,000 per year to the college of his choice.


PrepStar Gold Plus or Platinum Plus Member

Student athlete must be committed to sign a National Letter of Intent to compete in collegiate athletics. (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO)

Student athlete receiving scholarship money or financial aid from college/university as a result of the student athlete competing in collegiate athletics (Ie. D3, JUCO, etc)

Student athletes currently competing in collegiate athletics that meet one of the above criteria


Is it your goal to get a degree and use scholarships to pay as much tuition as possible?

Do you want to assure that you receive all the athletic and academic scholarship financial awards you’ve earned even if you get injured and can no longer play?


If you are interested in how you can secure your athletic and academic scholarship financial award protection program then PrepStar offers a solution!

Prepstar offers to all student athletes a scholarship protection program that protects 100% of your academic and athletic scholarships!

To learn more about this amazing program click the link below or text 480-405-6050.

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